About Me

My name is Kareena and I’m the owner of this blog. Nice to meet you! I’m 24, and I’m living in London. I'm passionate about music and that’s why I decided to create this blog. Bollywood music is for me the best music ever! Maybe because I always wanted to be an actor and a singer (yeah, both!).
I’m glad you chose to come on my blog. You’ll be able to find many different articles, pictures and info about Bollywood here. Hope you all like it!

I made this blog by love of the music and the cinema but also because my family originated from India and because for me this culture is really magnificent.

Although I have such strong ties to India I have never had the opportunity to go there because my parents did not feel the need. However this fact just makes this project all the more exciting for me.

Also, who knows maybe that a producer of Indian movies will notice me there here, or better still, a Bollywood star. I can always dream!

I adore Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra, these are two extremely talented, intelligent and beautiful women and are definitely my favourite Bollywood actresses. My favourite movie is naturally Devdas without any hesitations.