Free Introductory Vintage Swing Dance Lessons:

We include a half hour lesson at the start of every RugCutter’s Revival, our twice a month social swing dance.

Class & Event Calendar


Doin’ it Solo (Charleston) with  Emily Thursday, March 21st 9-10pm and 28th  8-9 pm at X-plosive Rhythms Studio (2ND floor) 3900 Shelbyville Rd. Suite 16.

Solo CharlestonThis is a class for both total beginners and experienced dancers. We will rock out the fundamentals of both 1920’s style Charleston and 1930’s style. Experienced Charleston dancers will benefit from Emily’s full body approach to beat, technique, and musicality.Lessons will also include solo jazz vernacular moves and styling techniques gear towards both masculine and feminine adaptations of the moves!Cost:Lesson fees include rental of space and club insurance. This 2 part lesson series is DROP in and you do not have to take lesson 1 in order to take lesson 2, thus they can be purchased separate or together for a discount.Both lessons for LSDS Members $14Both lessons, purchased together for non LSDS Members $15Drop in: $10 non-member, $7 memberClick here to reserve your spot or pay cash at the door.

**No refunds for lessons purchased in advance and not attended**


LINDY HOP Swing Out Like a Pro – April 2013 – A four week progressive Lindy Hop series taught by Liz and Chris.  Classes will be on Wednesdays April 3rd, 10th , 17th and 24th from 7-8.  The ballroom open at 6:45 for warm-up and will stay open for 15 minutes after the lesson ends for practice.  The classes will be at Absolute Dance Studio, 3900 Shelbyville Rd #16, Louisville, KY.

Swing Out Like a Pro Whether you’ve been dancing for a year or haven’t even danced your first step, Swing Out Like A Pro has what you need. Everything begins and ends with a solid foundation, and with the groundwork that we’ll lay in this class you can get your dancing off to an incredible start or you can take your dancing to the next level. We’ll start by rebuilding the basic pattern of Lindy Hop, the swing out. By shifting the focus from footwork to rhythm and connection, you’ll be able to dance longer and with a wider variety of partners. Once we’ve redone your basics, we’ll walk you through beginning patterns to make sure beginners pick up their steps comfortably and advanced dancers apply their technique consistently.Personal attention and feedback are key to development and improvement.  In order for teachers to have the opportunity to dance with and provide meaningful feedback to each student, this series will be limited to just 12 students.Cost:
LSDS Members $40 (all 4 lessons)*

Non-LSDS Member $50 (all 4 lessons)

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**This is a series class, so no refunds for lessons purchased in advance and not attended**

Progressive Series :

These classes are 1 hour long classes offered at various times during the year. For a 4 week series prices are $40 for members, $50 for non-members due 1st day of class.

Specialty Classes & Series:

Throughout the year Louisville Swing Dance Society brings local dancers the opportunity to take their skills to the next level by offering specialty classes and series.

These classes are taught by highly regarded local and regional instructors with a passion for vintage dance. Class and series prices are kept competitive and discounts are given to LSDS members. Check the calendar and events page for details on upcoming Specialty Classes and Series offerings.